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Submitted on
March 15


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  • Do not claim any of my photos as your own.
  • You may use my stock offsite.
  • You must credit me on the image - Vinyonga with a link in the dA description, or if it's offsite; or Vinyonga dA (or something like that).
  • You must notify me when you use the image - either by comment, note or (if you happen to be on Howrse - I know a lot of people who use horse stock are - and have no dA account), you can message me on there, where my username is Treacle.
  • No using the photos in any violent or sexual images or images which may offend young children or sensitive people.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • The image must be sufficiently altered (e.g. don't just make it black and white).
  • If you want to use them as a reference, please comment showing me the finished work!
  • If you want to use one of my horse images as a reference for a Black Pearl coat on Howrse, please note me so we can discuss it.
  • I do not allow my images to be made into precuts, premades or any other form of stock.
  • You may not use my images for roleplay characters or roleplay settings etc. (Note me if you want to and I'll add a watermarked one you can use.)
  • Only images listed as "stock" are stock.
  • I reserve the right to de-stock-ify any images.
  • I reserve the right to ask a certain person to not use my images and / or delete anything they've done with them.

Stock Rulesby Vinyonga

Journals / Personal©2014 Vinyonga
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